Nugget Molson Here

Hey friends, Nugget Molson, guitarist for the Dust Nuggets band, here. I’m hijacking the Instagram/Facebook/Wordpress accounts before they get any more Carter/Ford-voting-Dad-like. You know: yawn. Dust Nuggets social media is threatening to sink into decrepitude, so I’m wresting the reins from the powers that be, aka The Management.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice that they’re posting photos of potential locations full of melancholic longing for the upcoming flick and crap. Who doesn’t want a little moodiness in their movie, but seriously folks, how about something just a wee bit hip? I’m talking about  some bitter truth, some reality gut-punches, updates on the sordid state of existence. I’m talking about the opinions of a millennial, aka me, Nugget Molson. How’s that for relevant? I plan on checking in here from time to time so get ready for some social news, movie reviews, and political views. Maybe even The Blues. How can you lose?

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Nugget Molson in his element.

Traffic Opera Going to Southampton, UK

southampton.pngWe’ve been accepted into the Southampton UK film festival. Last year we went with A Perfect You which was nominated for best editing and best comedy short. It won an award for Rashieda Awan for best actress in a comedy short. We like Southampton. We had a great time there. It’s a lovely little town. And we’ll be back!

Info on the festival.

Latest CoolAthFilmth: Dust Nuggets

This pilot was shot March 3, 2018. It’s a weird little show best described as Dr. Seuss meets David Lynch. Guaranteed to confuse and entertain at the same time. Photos from the shoot below. Stay tuned for progress reports. (All photos by the amazing Fadi Acra.)

Or fabulous host Marabelle, co-owner with Earl of Grill Then Chill, our fabulous location.

Vicki Haller Graff as KK Kolsen. On a mission to the stars.

DP Kevin Hackenberg suited up in his steady cam gear.

Director, Andrew Pochan, and writer, Sue Lange watching playback.

Dust Nuggets Movie -1.jpg
The team watching playback: Julie (bartenders, Vicki (KK Kelsey), and Abraham (kid with milkshake) at the bar.

Episode 3: Reading Innuendo premiere

AJ Merlino in Reading Innuendo. (Photo by Noel Sanjuan)

Reading Innuendo (Episode 3 of Amazing Berks) is set to premiere at Fox Berkshire theater on March 15th. Show starts at 6pm.

This premiere is part of the fundraising campaign for Traffic Opera which will be shot sometime later this year in Reading.

Also screening on the 15th will be Sue Lange’s A Perfect You and Princess Dancer, a trailer for the Beyond Grimm ebook.

Food will be served as part of the screening and drinks will be available at the Berkshire’s new bar. There is no cover for the event, but donations will be graciously accepted. Contact for more information.traffic_opera_logo2tiny