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Eric Roberts in DUST NUGGETs as Harry, the public access TV talk show host.

Why? Maybe because you’re way beyond Hollywood. Or because you love mind-bending psychological drama along the lines of Aronofsky, Cronenberg, Nolan, Lynch. Maybe it’s because you’re at home inside the mind of a tortured soul fighting for sanity.

If that’s the case Dust Nuggets is your kind of torture. It’s all about KK, a wound-up band manager who’s currently lying in a coma and trying to decide if she should wake up and live or just stay dead. She’s reliving the events that led to a nasty drug overdose and subsequent deep sleep. The thing is, she’s not being honest about it. Bits of reality commingle with a narrative that she’d like to believe but is mostly untrue. She’d like to stay pure and innocent, but out in real life she’s too far gone for that. Every story has two sides and KK is telling herself both.

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Dust Nuggets comes to you from Sue Lange and Andrew Pochan. Lange is an author of speculative fiction satire. Fabulation comes easy to her. Her first novel, Tritcheon Hash, predicts the state of Earth when women move to their own planet. Her second, We Robots, depicts artificial intelligence as it becomes self-aware. Unlike most dystopian SF stories with this premise, the robots don’t take over the world so much as ponder their electronic navels.

Meeting Andrew Pochan was an electric moment for Lange. With an encyclopedic knowledge of art, film, and the bad behavior of past U.S. presidents, combined with a creative impulse just this side of the asteroid belt, Pochan proved hard to resist for one who gravitates to the strange but explicable.

Since both filmmakers had a past life in a garage band, it was inevitable they would create an homage to their lost dreams of rock stardom. Thus, Dust Nuggets, with a lighthearted twinge of melancholy, scorn, and self-rebuke, was born.

Previously they’ve brought you these award-winning shorts: A Perfect You and Traffic Opera.

Here’s what Dances with Films said about Traffic Opera:

“Extremely inventive with great energy. The film had a great story in here.”

And the Cleveland International Film Festival said this:

“Overall, a unique story told with humor and talented singing that held my interest from beginning to end.”

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