Dust Nuggets

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UK Film Review:

“There are no two ways about it, Dust Nuggets is a bit of a mind#%*! and a film that asks for a bit of faith and patience from its audience in the beginning, but what might initially feel like utter confusion eventually gives way to an incredibly smart, ambitious and truly unique tale of guilt, envy, ambition, purgatory and self-acceptance.”

Read the whole review here: https://www.ukfilmreview.co.uk/post/dust-nuggets-indie-film-review


“At the end of the day, minor technical aspects aside, ‘Dust Nuggets’ did the trick and kept me watching from start to finish. There’s no getting around the interesting story – and oftentimes over the top characters. But this film also has the ability to switch from funny, to dramatic at the drop of a pin – and that really keeps the ebb and flow… well… flowing along nicely. There’s also a certain strange charm to this film I can’t quite put my finger on – would recommend? Yes reader, yes I would. ‘Dust Nuggets’ is a solid flick that earns every single one of its stars. In my humble opinion.

Review the whole review here: https://www.indyred.com/dustnuggets.html

More information on the film can be found here: You Need Dust Nuggets.

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