Dust Nuggets Cast

Linnea Sage

“KK,” hails from Boston and studied theatre at Brandeis University. She currently lives in New York City, where she is set to start filming season two of “Reality Check” for Slay.TV. She recently appeared in “Friends from College” on Netflix. You can hear her voice on superheroes Nebula and Sharon Carter in MARVEL’s popular video game “Avengers Academy.” She also voiced the lead female, Chrissy, in the award winning VR experience “Fire Escape.”

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts, “Harry,” is best known for his roles in such films as Dark Night, Inherent Vice, and Pope of Greenwich Village, and the television series Less Than Perfect, Suits, and Heroes. He was nominated for Golden Globes for the films King of the Gypsies and Bob Fosse’s Star 80. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Runaway Train

Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo, “Ivan,’ is the beloved holographic doctor of Star Trek: Voyager. In addition to his Star Trek role, other characters Picardo is known for include Dr. Dick Richards on ABC’s China Beach; the Cowboy in Innerspace, Coach Cutlip on The Wonder Years (where he received an Emmy nomination); Ben Wheeler in Wagons East, and Richard Woolsey in the Stargate television franchise. Picardo is also a member of the Board of Directors of The Planetary Society.

Sam Pappagallo, Chris Heslop, Andrew Pochan  

Sam Pappagallo, Chris Heslop, and Andrew Pochan play “Jolson,” “Olson,” and “Molson,” respectively. They are the boys in the band. In real life they play drums, saxophone, and guitar. In addition Sam runs Screaming Parrot Studio which does sound recording. Chris tours with Alex Meixner and has worked with such notables as Gerald Veasley and Jim McNeely. He also writes operas. Andrew paints murals, directs movies, and raises turtles.

Sabina Houck and Fallyn Grace Presley

Sabina, “Krissy,”is 11 years old. She goes to Wilson Southern Middle School. In addition she’s enrolled in the Yocum Institute for Arts Education.

Fallyn “Joanie,” is also 11. She is homeschooled.