Paolini’s Drag Queen Story Hour

Across this fair land there are countless drag queens telling stories to the nation’s enlightened children. It’s actually a brand, I believe, ( and all over the country, drag queens don the tiara and share stories in libraries and other places our little angels congregate. Amongst that revered number is our very own Chris Paolini, aka Miss Amie, who played the nurse/stewardess/label stooge in Dust Nuggets.

Paolini has enjoyed being a story hour drag queen for over a year now, playing to sold-out audiences in libraries in communities throughout Berks County such as Exeter and Wyomissing, and at events like Reading Pride. He’s done so well, WXAC invited him to bring his show to the radio world. Once a month he takes to the airwaves to read to the kiddies enlightened stories such as M. L. Webb’s “The Gay B Cs” and Holly M McGhee’s “Come With Me.” His style is gentle, clear and, comforting. You can’t help but feel safe and happy during Miss Amie’s story hour.

We’re very proud of Chris here at Dust Nuggets Central. Long may his rainbow grace the skies. You can find Miss Amie on Facebook or listen to an episode of his Drag Queen with Miss Amie.

And soon you’ll see Miss Amie in our own Dust Nuggets. Check out the trailer.

Chris Paolini as the stewardess in Dust Nuggets.

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